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Focus Areas


Enterprise Software
Deep Technology

UBX believes that digital transformation will continue to drive business efficiency and performance. The ability for businesses to adapt to demands for mobility, multi-channel interaction, instant intelligence, automation, and insights from large data sets will be a meaningful advantage in competitive markets. We will also look at explore new initiatives for cloud-based tools to assist federal state and local agencies, not-for-profits, and other mission-driven organizations that are seeking to deliver new and valuable experiences to their constituencies.  Whether focused on applications or enabling infrastructure, companies serving developers or enterprises directly are of interest to us.  

Minnesota has a long tradition of developing and sustaining companies built on fundamental technology in material sciences and other disciplines grounded in physics, chemistry and mathematics.  Deep technology can enable industries to realize they have significant barriers to entry, intellectual property protection and profit potential due to the difficulty of any business to get a foothold in the market.  


After Prince and 10,000 lakes, Minnesota is perhaps best known for our leading healthcare companies, such as Medtronic, United Healthcare, and Mayo Clinic. UBX is seeking entrepreneurs that can take advantage of the talented institutions and individuals in the area to build businesses that will enable the next generation of personalized medicine, bending the cost curve, and rapid diagnostic and decision-making.   We expect that the next decade will see an unprecedented increase in the quality of care and we are seeking companies that will bring this innovation to as broad a constituency as possible.


Consumers remain at the center of the American economic engine, and UBX is looking for companies that can navigate the increasingly complex and dynamic route to the discovery and sale of new consumer products.  Whether it is apparel, footwear, beverages, food, wearables, entertainment, travel, or fitness we are excited about partnering with entrepreneurs tackling the next generation of experiences.   

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