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CareTrax is a location-based SaaS software enterprise resource planner (ERP) for elder care.   Originally conceived as a simple safety locater for individuals, the system has evolved into a full suite of compliance-focused track, trace and reporting tools and connected devices used for elder care workers, family advocates and seniors both at home and in assisted living facilities. 



Theos designs, manufactures and distributes sustainable fashion footwear.   Theos believes that style and responsibility for the planet go together and works with materials, vendors and environmental programs that aim to make the world a healthier place to live … starting with comfortable feet.  



EEVE Protective Science is commercializing the Eeonyx PPy technology in a variety of use applications for personal protective equipment (PPE).   Eeonyx material treatments have proven anti-microbial properties that are sought after in environments where users are seeking to reduce the risk of infection from bacteria and viruses.   EEVE is working with leading research universities and laboratories to develop, test and measure the effectiveness of form factors, use cases and enabling technologies for specific desired uses.


Movement App is a mobile download that aggregates public resources and uses artificial intelligence to help voters match the movements they most care about with the candidates that most care about those movements.   Movement App promises to focus leaders on solutions that are concrete, measurable and accountable and help our society move beyond stale dichotomies, punditry and tribalism to healthy outcomes. 

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